Home news Thieves make off with large 16th Century donation box

Thieves make off with large 16th Century donation box


A church rector says she is baffled after thieves walked off with a very large wooden collection box without being noticed.The box, parts of which date back to the 16th Century, was reported stolen from St Botolph’s Church, known as Boston Stump, in Boston, on Friday.Reverend Alyson Buxton said the large box was an “amalgam of different eras and of great sentimental value”.She has offered £10 to the thieves if they return it.More on this and other stories from across LincolnshireMs Buxton said: “It sometimes happens with the smaller tins – and you have to be very careful with them, but this is a very big box which went missing.”We are a bit bewildered I have to say – there are people coming and going all the time… so we have no idea how this has gone.”We never considered it could be lifted up and taken out of the church.”‘Very distinctive’The box, measuring about 3ft (1m) wide, had recently been emptied, and did not hold much money, the reverend said.It would have been in use when John Cotton was rector at the church, she added.Cotton was appointed vicar at St Botolph’s Church in 1612, and was known for his sermons – some of which lasted for five hours.He also inspired members of his congregation to seek a new life in America.Lincolnshire Police has asked for anyone with information about the “very distinctive box” to contact them.
Source: BBC Lincs