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Lincolnshire Police defends Guy Martin tank decision


The decision not to let Guy Martin drive a 30-tonne tank through Lincoln on Remembrance Day has been defended by police.The TV daredevil wanted to drive the WW1 replica through the city, which is the birthplace of the tank, on 11 November.But during a Channel 4 documentary, he said the stunt was pulled because Lincolnshire Police “aren’t happy”.The force said it did not refuse but had suggested extra safety work.In Sunday’s programme, Guy Martin’s WWI Tank, the presenter said there were “a few problems”.He said: “Lincoln is the home of the tank. The plan was get her up and running and drive her up Lincoln High Street for Remembrance Day.”That’s gone a bit pear-shaped. The police aren’t happy with what we are doing.”

Several people then criticised the police on social media, with one calling the decision a “terrible shame”.But Ch Supt Mark Housley said the force was “thrilled” when it heard the tank would come to the city but “several issues were raised”.”The Remembrance Day parade attracts a few thousand people in Lincoln, with a demographic that includes both young and senior citizens,” he said.”[But] the addition of Guy Martin and his tank would expand that number considerably and, therefore, action needed to be taken by the production company to ensure the safety of all participants.”The event was not refused but further work was suggested to ensure safety.”The footage was eventually shot in France.
Source: BBC Lincs