Home news Handcuffed fence-climbing escapee Aurimas Butkys jailed

Handcuffed fence-climbing escapee Aurimas Butkys jailed


A handcuffed suspect who escaped from a police station by climbing an 8ft (2.4m) fence has been jailed for 16 months.Aurimas Butkys, 25, got away while waiting to be processed at Boston Police Station in July.He had been detained on an extradition warrant in connection with an assault in his native Lithuania, Lincolnshire Police said.At the time Supt Phil Vickers described the event as “embarrassing”.Tweeting about the escape, Ch Supt Timmins? said the handcuffed suspect assaulted an officer and “jumped an 8ft fence”.He was chased by officers but managed to evade capture, he said.More on this and other stories from across Lincolnshire

Butkys was recaptured three days later in Folkestone, Kent, while attempting to leave the country using false documents. Appearing at Lincoln Crown Court, he admitted one charge of escaping from lawful custody and a further charge of possessing or controlling identity documents with intent.

Source: BBC Lincs